Why Electric Bicycles?

Why electric bicycles? Why now? We can rest assure, that may be your #1 question when you hear people talk about "electric bikes". Here's some interesting facts to consider. 

- The NBDA reports that in the United States an estimated 16.2 million Bicycles (in general)  were sold in 2013. (CNN Money reports, the auto industry topped 15 million automobiles sold in 2013) 

- An estimated 32 million Electric Bicycles were sold in China, alone, in 2013.

- In 2014 An estimated 1.4 million Electric Bicycles will be sold in the european market.

- Approximately, over 173,000 E-bikes have been sold in the United States in 2013, and is expected to be the second (2nd) largest Electric bicycle market. Experts say that an estimated two (2) million units will be sold per year, Within the next twenty (20) years. 

The numbers are only getting larger, and cities across the united states are getting smarter and safer about cycling. With many projects under way such as the " Green Lane Project" in major cities like Atlanta where networks of Protected bike lanes are making commuting by bicycle a friendlier experience, & Factors such as high gasoline prices, its no wonder why the United States has seen tremendous Cycling Growth across the board in the last decade.   

So for the new comers who are asking themselves, “what exactly is an electric bicycle?” An electric bicycle is simply a bicycle integrated with a Battery Operated, Electric Motor that’s located on the Hub of the Wheel. E-bikes come equipped with “pedal assist“, in which case torque is delivered from the motor as you pedal. They are also equipped with “on demand power” which is activated by a throttle, similar to a motorcycle.

Most E-Bikes can reach speeds of up to 20mph and can get a range of 15-30 miles on a single charge*. According to the Department Of Transportation, on average, over 22% of Americans travel to a destination that is less than one (1) mile in distance. An approximate 50% of the commuting U.S population, commutes five (5) miles or less to work.

With record high gasoline prices, it’s an exciting time to try out an E-bike! With an E-Bike, riders have the benefit of saving money on gasoline, avoid sitting in traffic and it’s great for the Environment! Because E-Bikes are battery operated, and use an AC Charger, riders can practically charge their batteries anywhere and the cost of charging is Pennies on the dollar!

But the benefits do not end there, taking into consideration of how important it is for anyone and everyone to get exercise or to be psychically active for good health, cycling is a great activity to achieve this. Whether you are 16 years old or 75 years old, E-Bikes will offer the benefits of regular cycling while assisting those individuals who struggle with joint or muscle pain. You can take on the Roads and Hills with Ease!

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