Business Tips For Small Businesses

In the United States, the majority of businesses are small businesses. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to try and stay on top of everything and use your resources effectively, to grow your business and succeed. Here at Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles we are still a small business and understand the struggles you may encounter on your journey to success. We wanted to share some tips we have used to grow our e bike business, and continue to use to expand. 



Creating user accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter will help you stay on top of market trends, communicate with existing clients or customers, and help you reach future customers or clients. Be sure to create short and easy to read handles (usernames) that are relevant to your business name or industry. 


Having a website in this day and age is crucial for your business. It is possibly the best way for people in your area to find you. Having a website will allow people to google you, get contact info, get information about who you are and what your business offers, as well as increase your legitimacy. Website can be built for as little as $8/month or even free through easy to use platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace. 


Set up a Google Analytics account for your website. Even of your website platform offer analytics, Google Analytics offers very important information about who visits your website, how well your website is performing in terms of retaining visitors on different landing pages, and what they're looking at. GA will also give you demographic information such as age, gender, and location. 


This sounds harsh, but its something that will increase your chances of retaining the best talent in your organization for the best possible results. Be sure to find creative ways to test applicants on responsibilities that their job title requires them to do. Ask important questions during the interview process and always get a second opinion from someone in management. If there is an employee who is not living up to their expectations for the job responsibilities, be sure to address your concern immediately, give warnings, and if things do not change in a reasonable amount of time, then they need to be let go. 


Training is very important. Making sure your team is aware of how everything works in your organization will have a huge positive impact. For example if someone calls in sick one day and they handle the processing of orders, but they're the only ones who know how to do so, how will you process those orders? If someone else has basic knowledge on how to handle this, you can avoid interruptions in the flow of your day to day business. 

Another important part of training is making sure that you train yourself on how everything works. Training yourself on Management skills and Marketing skills as well to help you stay on top of your game. 


Ive seen this too many times. A customer walks in and begins to ask questions about a certain product, and the sales person has no clue on how to answer or gives false information. The best way to sell something is to know what you're selling. If you're confident in the information you're giving customers and confident in the knowledge you have about the products, customers will feel comfortable with you and trust you. Be sure you and your team know the products or services inside and out. 


Stay healthy! you cant run a business if you're getting sick all the time, tired, or stressed out. Be sure to stay active, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep. Be sure to take breaks when needed to avoid over working yourself. 


Networking is very important. Having the right contacts in your industry can help you go a long way. using social media platforms like Facebook,Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are a great start.