These Bike Paths Are Ones You'll Want To Check Out!

Bike paths have been growing at an alarming rate. It makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that more bicycles were purchased in the United States in 2013 than automobiles. Bike Paths are the best way to enhance safety and promote growth within a cycling community. 

There are many Bike paths across the United States and many of them are along beautiful roads with amazing scenery and hundreds of miles of uninterrupted lanes. Here are some of our Staff Favorites and favorites by our customers who are enjoying their Big Cat ® Electric Bikes along them. 


Length: 7,308 feet
Design: Suspension Bridge built in 1903

The Bicycle path has two sides, on one side you have Pedestrian all path and on the other you have the bike path. Be very careful, as some people tend to walk on the bike path and make it difficult for bike to get by. This is a great bike path because it connects two vibrant neighborhoods of New York City. The Lower East Side and Williamsburg. As you ride along you'll get an amazing view of the Brooklyn bridge and the downtown area, as well as uptown and midtown which include the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.The Williamsburg Bridge has three entrances.

Manhattan Entrance: Median of Delancey Street at Clinton Street

Brooklyn Entrance: There are two entrances in Brooklyn:

  1. Corner of South 5th Street & South 5th Place (South 5th Place is between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street).
  2. Bedford Avenue between South 5th and South 6th Streets.


There are many more miles to this bike path, but possibly the more desirable or famous bike path portion  along these two famous coast lines in southern California is the one that connects you from Santa Monica Beach Pier to Venice Beach Pier. This bike path, and these two beaches are extremely famous and can be seen in hundreds of movies and TV shows. 

Length: Approx. 3.3 Miles

The Greatest thing about this path is the activities that are available. When you feel like you've had enough, simply lock your bike and walk to either one of the piers ( which ever one is closer) and jump on one of the Roller coasters or stop for some funnel cake. Along venice beach there are a string of vendors so you you're in the mood to shop for something interesting than you're in the right place. 


By far the one of the greatest in the country with hundreds of miles of protected and uninterrupted Bike lane connecting you from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C, GAP /C&O not only offers a truly amazing biking experience but has a lot of other activities available for families along the way. 

Length: 334.5 Miles

"the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage connects with the 184.5-mile C&O Canal Towpath at Cumberland, MD to create a 334.5-mile route between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, free from traffic and motorized vehicles. The Montour Branch will, when completed, connect McKeesport to the Pittsburgh International Airport and Coraopolis. " Source:

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Located in Miami this bike trail takes you for miles down the coast from Rickenbacker Park to     Ingraham park. Along the eastern coast very close to the water, you'll find tons of places to stop along the way. From museums to historic sites and places to eat. a very scenic and place place to enjoy a ride. 

Length: 5 miles


The Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of the more popular trails that are customers are enjoying. through Barton Creek Wilderness Park southwest of the city, featuring beautiful rock walls, a botanical garden and areas to stop and go for a swim. You can also access foothills if you decide you're getting bored of riding. Barton Creek puts you right alongside the creek in the wilderness which makes it one of the most popular bike trails in Austin and one of the best in the state. 

Length: Approx. 8 Miles

The trails are mainly dirt which make this a great place for the Big Cat ® Fat Cat 2