2015 Big Cat ® Ghost Rider


Introducing the all new 2015 Big cat ® Ghost Rider! This newly redesign Ghost Rider has everything you need to get the ultimate electric bike experience. With its new aluminum frame construction that features a swoop down top tube, getting on and off the bike is a breeze. The down tube has been reinforced and redesigned to house a new 36V16Ah removable lithium-ion battery with USB port. While this new modification will give you a more balanced ride, you'll also have a functional welded rear pannier rack to haul some cargo. 

Sporting our traditional yet strong and efficient 350W geared rear hub motor, the Ghost Rider gives riders and average speed of up to 20Mph and an average distance of 20-30 miles on a single charge! Ride confidently on the upgraded 26X2.3" wheel and tire combo which gives riders a sturdier feel and overall better control of the bicycle. 

One of the most important features on the new 2015 Ghost Rider is the Pedal Assist function. The New Ghost Rider still offers both pedal assist and throttle functions, however the new pedal assist function gives riders the ability to choose between 1-5 levels of pedal assist which control the amount or propulsion you get from the motor. Set it to the highest level for effortless riding, or if you're seeking a workout and want to save some of your battery's life, set it to a lower setting. The Ghost Rider offers two types of Pedal Assist controllers, LED & LCD.

The LED pedal assist controller offers basic controls for powering on your unit, selecting your desired level of pedal assist, and giving you a power indicator. The LCD pedal assist controller is a Premium option which gives users the ability to choose between 1 or 5 levels of pedal assist, power on the unit, Speed read out, distance, and battery life. 

Motor: 350W 36V

Charging Time: 4-6 Hours ( Max. 6 Hours )

Battery Life: 800-1500 Cycles

Weight With Battery: 57Lb

Weight Capacity: 275Lb

Cargo: Rear Welded Pannier Rack

Functions: Pedal Assist + On Demand Throttle 

Controller: LED, LCD

Lights: LED F/R

Frame: Aluminum 

Frame Finish: Matte Black 

Brakes: 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes F/R

Tires: Kenda 26x2.3"

Rims: Aluminum-Alloy

Derailleur: Shimano 7 Gear Tourney SiS Index

Battery Volts / Amps: Lithium-Ion 36V16Ah

Range: 20 - 30 Miles ( Range depends on Rider, Rider Weight, Terrain, Wind, Charge & sometimes Weather Conditions )

Max Speed: 20MPH