Growing Confidence In Electric Bikes

The world of electric bicycles has grown rapidly here in the United States over that past few years, and it seems as if it is on the road to growing even bigger. Electric bikes are becoming more accepted in today's society, however, that wasn't always the case. In the past, e-bikes were somewhat frowned upon, primarily due to the lack of knowledge potential consumers had about the bikes, the technology that was being used, the weight of the bicycles, and of course the laws that were in place when compared to traditional bicycles. 

Fast forward to today, Electric bicycles are exploding with popularity. They are becoming more accepted in cycling communities, they are being sought after by long time cyclists who are seeking more fun, easy to use, alternatives. They are presenting opportunities for those who thought they would never be able to ride again. However, you must be thinking, why the sudden change? there are many factors that have played significant roles in the rise of the electric bikes, below are a few. 


Technology. Possibly one of the most important contributing aspects. Over the years electric bicycles have changed dramatically, offering new higher quality components, that have made the bicycles more desirable. Motors have become smaller, quieter, stronger, more efficient, and different types have been introduced. Furthermore, smarter, higher quality components such as, computers, LCD displays, and GPS tracking systems have enhanced the performance of e-bikes, as well as enhanced the riders experience. 

Batteries have switched from Lead Acid to Lithium ion, with various chemistry combinations that are offering safer alternatives, increasing life, and offering a light weight advantage. 

With the two major changes in technology, regarding batteries and motors, electric bikes have become lighter in weight. Improved frame designs, and changes in wiring have also helped reduce the weight of e bikes, with manufactures offering Carbon fiber frame options, such as the one offered by Big Cat ® which features a 500W motor. 

In Addition, the introduction of LCD displays is granting riders an enhanced riding experience with on board metrics such as speed, distance traveled, battery life, trip distance, and time. Big Cat ® currently offers a Bafang C961 LCD display as a standard option on all Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles, which offer the same benefits, as well as allowing riders to choose between 1-9 different levels of pedal assist, and set speed restrictions. 

Larger disc brake options are offering a safer alternative to V brakes, especially since electric bicycles can reach up to 20mph in speed. In some cases, some models can go even faster. 


Laws against E bikes have changed over the years as well. Some of them have not been the best though. Some cities like New York have placed bans on electric assisted bicycles because of the increase in number of accidents that have occurred over the years. However, with the increase in bike lanes the city has offered, those laws are working their way out the door. 

In contrast, states like California have given more incentives to encourage and accept e bikes on the road. One example is the raise in speed limit and motor output that is legally allowed on public roads has increased. 


Electric bikes offer great health benefits. E bikes, operate just like traditional bicycles, except that they offer assistance from an electric motor when needed. Because of this, people who struggle with traditional bicycles, now have a greater chance of being able to ride again. Weather they are suffering from muscle or joint pain, a heart condition, or just seeking to gain assistance with their exercise, e bikes are the ultimate answer.