Dealer Spotlight: Big Cat Bikes Of Tampa Bay

Rodney H. of Big Cat Tampa

Rodney H. of Big Cat Tampa

Ever thought about starting your own business? We are sure you have, in fact, data has shown that roughly 60% of 20-year-olds have thought about starting their very own business. We understand it could be nerve-racking when taking into the consideration the amount of time and effort it may take to plan, start, and manage a business. 

Big Cat has created a range of packages that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether youre looking to test the waters with a mobile dealer package selling electric bikes on the weekends, during festivals in your city, at your local mall from a kiosk, to even a fully authorized Big Cat storefront. 

Our goal is to provide you with as much help as possible to make your business start up journey as seemless as possible. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are successful in this emerging market. 

We had a small interview with Rodney Hazelwood of Tampa Bay, FL. Rodney has been an authorized dealer for Big Cat for a couple of years now, and we wanted to share a bit of his expereince with you all to give you some insight on what to expect as an authorized dealer for Big Cat. 

If youre in the Tampa Bay area be sure to pay a visit to Mr. Hazelwood to take a test ride, and learn more about our bikes. Rodney offers excellent customer service, teaches his customers how to properly use Big Cat bikes with quick tips and training, offers home delivery and trial periods as well. 

Store Location: Mobile Dealer Tampa, Fl Clients reach from Ocala, FL to Venice Beach FL and The Gulf Coast to Lakeland, Fl

Q: Are you an avid cyclist? 

Q: When did you first hear about electric bikes? 
A: November 2015

Q: When did you first hear about Big Cat? 
A: November 2015

Q: Did you own any businesses prior to starting with Big Cat? 
A: Yes, I am a former successful Restauranteur.

Q: Which business package did you get started with? 
A: Little Cat, actually back then it was more of a custom package. 4 bikes w/ a tent, helmets, etc...

Q: How helpful was the Big Cat staff in helping you get setup with your business, educate you on our products and services, provide you with all necessary paperwork and material, and tailor the business package to your specific needs? 
A: It was a process, but Dave walked me through every step.  Education on ebikes is not taught easily over the phone, so much of the knowledge, I have about Big Cat Bikes; I learned on my own.  

big cat electric bikes of tampa bay florida

Q: What has been your greatest challenge as a dealer of ebikes in the Electric Bicycle market? 
A: The fact that this is not an impulse sale, and 99% of the people I come in contact with have no idea what an electric bike is or how it operates. "That's cheating" is a common comment.  I've educated over 1000 people on electric bikes the past year and a half.  Most sales take a bit of time and education. I offer test rides where I take a bike to a person's house and leave it for 24-48 hours. I have to take it to them, and I do a training ride at that time so they can understand everything the bikes can offer.  Generally, my philosophy is "If I can get one in their garage, it's sold."

Q: What has been the easiest thing for you as a dealer of ebikes in the Electric Bicycle market? 
A: Just having fun. It's a side business for me, so I don't get discouraged.

Q: Whats your favorite thing about being a dealer of ebikes in the Electric Bicycle market? 
A:  The Potential

Q: Whats the most common question you get asked in regards to Electric bikes? 
A:  How fast does it go, how long does it stay charged, does it recharge while you pedal, where is it made, how much is it.

Q: What has been your biggest success to date as an authorized Big Cat Dealer, in regards to sales. Parks, Festivals, Store Front, Online etc…? 
A:  I do 2 farmers markets per month.  My website is very high up in the rankings thanks to a friend who has software to promote it.

big cat bikes of tampa

Q: Would you recommend an electric bike business to anyone who may be interested? (Electric bikes in general, not Big Cat) 
A: Yes

Q: Would you recommend Big Cat? 
A:  I do

Q: What are your future plans as an authorized Big Cat Dealer? 
A: I bought a Ford Transit Van and have created a mobile showroom/service truck.  If I ever lost my job and had to do this full time, I'd find a place to set up near the beaches and go full blown Rental Business. I have not pursued that aspect of the business yet because it takes a full-time commitment.