Worry Free Ownership



Just like the name implies, we take care to keep you riding, and if a part fails, bring your bike to a participating Velocare service location and they will handle the service authorization, provide the required service, and get you back pedaling in no time. There are no out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles, and no hidden costs. Pick up your repaired bike, shake hands, and go pedal. It’s Velocare.

Bicycle part failure** will occur naturally due to use and aging of your bicycle – Velocare has you covered so you can keep pedaling.


Your bicycle is built to exacting standards and will give you years of enjoyment, and with the purchase of a Velocare plan you will have additional 3 years of worry-free service so you can ride with peace of mind knowing that no matter what bicycle part fails*, Velocare will repair or replace it.

* Velocare covers various bicycle components and accessories attached to the bicycle frame, at the time of sale, for failure through normal recreational riding.

** Parts failure does not cover regular maintenance, frame, brake pads, tires and tubes, or batteries. The frame is always subject to manufacturer’s warranty.



Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles has partnered with Velofix to offer our riders a convenient new way to get professional service, maintenance, and assembly for your ebike, right to your home or office. Have a certified professional tune, adjust, and make recommendations for your bike that fit your riding style and needs. 

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Out of the box, your Big Cat ® E-bike will come about 85% assembled, however, not everyone will have the tools and knowledge they need to complete the assembly the right way, the first time. Our customers love the piece of mind they get when they use Velofix.